ADMO Energy was founded in 2005 by Lewis Adam and Steve Mosby specifically to provide retailers, jobbers, other distributors and end users access to expertise in supply, trading and risk management.

Lewis has been active in petroleum markets in varying capacities since 1967, except for his military service, 1969-1971. He was active in supply, distribution, and trading during both oil shortages of the 70's and every market since.  His tenure in the spot fuel markets has allowed him to cultivate strong working relationships with many refiners, traders and fuel brokers. He has also been a presenter at several Oil Price Information System (OPIS) national meetings and is often cited in national articles concerning the energy markets.  He teaches our Supply, Trading, and Risk Management schools.

Steve has over 12 years in the fuel supply, marketing, and trading arena.  He moved into energy from the agricultural markets with a strong background in price risk management. His experiences have provided him with a solid foundation for conservative trading principles and, in our view, a market savvy you will find hard to match.  His years on the futures trading floor in Kansas City prepared him for the nuances of price risk management, including dealing with the incredible price volatility seen in today's energy markets.  Steve has also been quoted numerous times in articles addressing current issues in the energy markets.

Jim Mosby, our Supply Manager, maintains pipeline relationships and keeps our cost models up to date for clients so they ALWAYS know their cost of goods in the pipeline NET OF HEDGE, which can become a very complex issue.  He was a wheat options market maker for 10 years at the KC Board of Trade and has taken his years of trading experience and applied that knowledge to serve our clients. 

OUR GOAL:  To assist companies in their efforts to move into the pipeline(s) and do so with the proper tools and training.

OUR CREED:  Treat everyone fairly; never take money for nothing; provide REAL value!

OUR PRINCIPLES:  Companies grow from their base, their core competency - build on that!  Never ask a client to enter into a trade that he does not understand.  Train/train/train - Share what we know!  Not schemes, just solid business practices.

ADMO Energy is  a Supply Department for hire.  Need Supply and Distribution Support? - Call ADMO.
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